Inspiring Business Success

Business Coaching

Businesses face many challenges in today’s market and often need some help in finding a way through to greater success. As someone who has set up a number of small businesses, I recognise the way of running the business feeds through into family life. Whether the business is just being set up, planning to grow or a decision has been taken to sell, the owner has many challenges.

Executive Coaching

Large Corporate companies are complex organisations who function at their best when all of the individual parts of the business work in unison towards shared goals. In order to work through issues groups of executives have to interface efficiently. As an executive director and non-executive chairman of large businesses, I understand the challenges of operating within large companies. I have wide experience of helping colleague managers and directors through business challenges and finding agreed solutions to issues faced by the company.


As well as working as a company executive and board member, I have also acted as a consultant for companies. With my experience in marketing, I have helped some major concerns on developing new products and repositioning existing ones.

Report Writing

Whether it’s a departmental report for the board or a business plan/proposal for the bank, well-written reports are critical in ensuring the recipients have a clear understanding of what is being proposed and to see the advantages and challenges..