Executive Coaching

Large Corporate companies are complex organisations who function at their best when all of the individual parts of the business work in unison towards shared goals. In order to work through issues groups of executives have to interface efficiently. As an executive director and non-executive chairman  of large businesses, I understand the challenges of operating within large companies. I have wide experience of helping colleague managers and directors through business challenges and finding agreed solutions to issues faced by the company.

Whether it’s at board or committee level or indeed at departmental level, I have the experience to help managers and directors through the challenges of today. In my experience it’s unusual for a newly appointed person to receive any help or guidance in getting into the new role in the business. Whether this is an appointment from within or from outside, the newly appointed person often needs assistance in working through the new challenges.

I have the experience of providing this support so do contact me at kenneth@kennethandrew.co.uk or call me on 07710 488282 so that I can set out for you how I can help.

I started coaching sessions with Ken after I became unhappy and stressed, both at work and at home. My time spent with Ken was invaluable; he helped me organise my thoughts with the questions he brought to our meetings. By the end I was able to evaluate what is important to me and whether I am willing to make the sacrifices needed to achieve what I want in life. 

FI Senior Executive

Multinational Fund Manager

Ken has a very warm, engaging and open manner that made me feel very comfortable from the start of our engagement. His questioning effectively left me to some very meaningful actions to help me achieve the goals I set myself. Ken has very broad business experience at an extremely senior level, and this meant Ken had significant knowledge that he could draw upon to help guide and support me through his questions. 

JB Senior Executive

Major IT Co