Business Coaching

Businesses face many challenges in today’s market and often need some help in finding a way through to greater success. As someone who has set up a number of small businesses I recognise the way running the business feeds through into family life. Whether the business is just being set up, planning to grow or a decision has been taken to sell, the owner has many challenges.

I have experience in all areas and am currently working with clients in each area. By juggling many balls the business owner gets by but sometimes the work/life balance is not right and help is needed. I have a lot of experience in helping small business through coaching and I’m ready to help you.

Send me an email at or telephone on 07710 488282 and I will be pleased to discuss with you how I can be of assistance.

I was fortunate enough to meet Ken about 10 months ago and have benefited tremendously from his coaching. We have had 12 coaching sessions since that time. Ken started by helping me to identify the goals I was envisioning and worked with me to arrange my thoughts into an organised and manageable set of achievable goals to execute.

He is excellent at helping to bring out and clarify issues as well as helping clients formulate potential solutions. Ken brings into his sessions decades of first-hand experience from highly successful areas of his own life. One of the areas that I find Ken to be extremely valuable is his effectiveness as a coach.

Another important aspect of working with Ken is the level of comfort one feels when dealing with him. Ken made me comfortable and at ease right out of the gate. In just a few sessions I have improved my decision-making skills and making life-altering positive choices in both personal and business with a focus on overall wellbeing.

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I have started my coaching with Ken and as a result of his questioning I have managed to resolve more clearly my overall objective and importantly why I want to achieve that objective.

It’s been quite interesting how quickly Ken has related to me and seems to understand what I’m trying to achieve. He has helped me to set specific challenges to achieve, whilst working towards my long term goal.

Ken has an easy style, very open but at the same time asks some challenging questions. I think his business background together with his personality has made me feel relaxed and comfortable to talk with him. Even at this early stage, I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

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