The current crisis in the UK has shown how much we all depend on each other. The doctors, nurses,  paramedics and other workers in the NHS have given remarkable and brave support to those that are ill with this virus. The public showed their appreciation quite rightly last week by their collectively applauding those people in the NHS.

It’s not only those in the medical world who have done remarkable deeds. Supermarket staff, train drivers and guards, people who are able to continue working and trying to maintain some form of economic life in the country. These and many others have and continue to give fantastic service and support to us all. A big thank you.

As executives, we can all draw important lessons from this experience. In any company, the most useful and valuable asset we have is our staff and the people who support us. Outside the company, we also depend on so many others. Just look at the new problem of supply chains having difficulties such that they are causing businesses real problems in carrying on. It shows that we are indeed “all in this together”. It goes to demonstrate how important and valuable it is for executives to engage the whole of their teams. To work at bringing out the most from everyone. To recognise how everyone has something to contribute and how important it is to say “well done” when appropriate.

Let’s today all agree that when we return to the office we use the experiences of this period to work just that little bit harder to engage our staff in a way that they feel positive and contribute of their best. There is, of course, the other important group which is our family whether mums and dads, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters without whose support we can flounder.

 Thanks to everyone in the medical profession you are not only doing a great job but you have also shown us the way to face up to the many challenges we face at work and in the home.