The days of a lifelong career in one company has by and large gone. Advancement today is often achieved by moving to a new role in a different company. The question arises as to how frequently should you change jobs. The answer to this must be left to the individual but here are a few reasons for changing perhaps more frequently.

  • Staying in the same organisation too long can lead to the executive becoming a bit stale. They can lose touch with the outside world and the challenges therein. They can become so internally focussed; they fall behind in the new thinking going on.
  • Unless the current company is going through significant change, the non-mover won’t get new experiences nor exposure to fresh challenges and learning new things becomes much more difficult.
  • By staying put in a company that remains successful and stable is great and you can feel proud to be associated with the business, but it can also mean that you can become less aware of issues/routes to success and perhaps a little less open minded.
  • Because companies today often have flat corporate structures and senior jobs can be filled through the external recruitment market, moving upwards in the current company becomes very difficult and hence new challenges are not seen. Consequently, the executive experiences and track record may slow down.
  • It stands to reason that by staying put in an organisation means the executive loses the opportunity to evaluate employers. As a result, as and when the executive is presented with a fresh and more challenging prospect in a new company, they are less able to evaluate and assess the company because they may have lost the skill of evaluation.
  • Providing its not overdone someone responding to opportunities can get a good reputation as someone wanted by business. 

All of this needs to be kept in proper perspective but if the right amount of time is devoted to it the experiences of moving a little more can be beneficial.


Kenneth Andrew Executive Coach

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