Company careers and jobs for life is no longer a given. Some years ago companies were keen to grow their own talent and ensure their future top team were imbued with the companies culture and values but this is no longer the case. In fact, change is the natural order of things today and for some executives, career transition is the most appropriate thing to do. It can be thrilling and exciting but can also be hazardous and scary. Here are a few things that can be done to help the process of career transition.

  • Be willing to start all over again. State of mind is important and entering into the process in a positive way will get reflected in everything you do.
  • It may be sensible to get some additional education and training. Being a banker one day and then running a construction company is always going to difficult even though the opportunity to run something is very appealing.
  • If the transition is into something with which you are unfamiliar it may be possible to do some volunteering in the evenings or at weekends in the new area. This will give you both a taste for the work and also some hard evidence to promote in applying for roles in this area.
  • We all have considerable experience as executives. It may currently be framed in terms of the industry in which we operate but actually the experience can be recast to apply elsewhere. There are some roles that can naturally move from the business sector to another sector such as accountancy for any area the experience can with thought be applied elsewhere.
  • There are new platforms for finding Executives such as Indeed, Nurole and Not actively looking which could be used in career transitioning
  • Linkedin is now commonly used by recruiters and you may need to spruce up your cover letter by orientating the content to the new area you want to get into. In the same way, it’s a good idea to review the content of your LinkedIn presentation.
  • Importantly if you are looking to move into a new field don’t rush at it, the process may take more time. Persevere it will pay off for what is a big change

I have been involved with many Executives seeking this change and it can be done.

Kenneth Andrew
Executive Coach

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