“The grass is always Greener on the other side”. This old proverb suggesting other people have a better life than your own is well worth thinking about when you come to look at a fundamental change of role.

As Executives, we all develop significant skills and understanding in our current roles and experience. This is not only true of the type of work we do and have mastered but also the industry/business sector that we work in.

Of course over time we can all feel that we have become stale and need a completely fresh challenge and often that’s true. If that’s how you feel its good to reflect on some of the challenges you will face, including:

  • Is the role I’m looking at sufficiently close to what I’m doing now or to what I have done in the past? If not what actions can I take to help close the gap?
  • Am I leaving behind a solid career path for less certainty about the future? Is the opportunity worth taking the risk?
  • Will I be transporting skills of value to the new business? Does it matter if they’re not?
  • Is the company of a size in with which I will feel comfortable ?. Operating in a multinational is very different to working in small or medium sized business.
  • What’s the new company culture and values like? How will I feel with these?
  • Are the challenges of change likely to be overcome in the near term or will it take a number of years?

Change can always feel enticing and often necessary. If someone has gone out of their way to seek you out that’s such a compliment. But be on your guard and think carefully about how you will relate to the new world your about to enter. Prepare yourself as much as possible, talk to people who know a little about the company, their business and their staff. 

Once you’ve decided, be positive about the challenge and good luck. Do it right and the grass will indeed be greener!

Kenneth Andrew Executive Coach

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