The thrill and excitement of being offered a new job is understandable. I know I’ve experienced it many times in my career. Whether it’s in your existing company or it’s an appointment in a new company, it means recognition, more responsibility, more money and a further step on the career ladder. Who could not be excited by this and indeed when the new job arrives and its day one the excitement is still there.
We can all associate with that but there are many who soon find that they are basically on their own and have few, if anyone, to talk about how to adjust to the new responsibilities, new role and environment.

Someone who is promoted in their company may see it as a failure if soon after taking on the new role they seek help in making adjustments to fit in. Indeed to talk openly with their subordinates is likely to undermine their position. To raise the problem with their new boss may also be difficult who thinks that if they’re good enough to work with him they should just get on with it.

Likewise, someone freshly recruited into a company from outside has some difficulty in seeking help to adjust to the role since “they were recruited for the role and they should know what’s required of them”. But it’s not so easy. The cleverest and most capable person in the world will always have uncertainty as to the exact culture of the new company and how best to integrate.

I have found that a coach can be of considerable assistance to both internal and external appointed executives. They bring independence, confidentiality and importantly are unbiased and non-judgemental.

I have seen this situation many times and would be delighted to help any Executive who feels they need to help settle in their new roles.

Kenneth Andrew Executive Coach

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